Bike Night at Orchid Lounge [Feb. 28, 2013] | PHOTO M.D.

I have been to Orchid lounge a few times prior to this event and each to it’s own crowd but always packed nonetheless.  This time, however was incredibly overwhelming then the times before as we first arrived with all out equipment with very little attendance at the beginning.  Little did we know that hundreds upon hundreds started rolling in packs as if we were going to be trampled in a heard such as the Lion King.  We expected maybe 50-100 motorcycles to show up as most car meets that we go to would be around 40-50 vehicles.  We were wrong as we raised the bar up to not 200.  Not 500.  But over 1,000 bikes, choppers, cruisers, you name it.  It was the 1st of it’s kind of motorcycle meet that Orchid Lounge had ever put on and was incredibly well mannered without any drama, burnouts, tricks, or any sort of mishaps normally occur at the local Southern California car meets.  Enough rambling.  Here are the videos so enjoy the glimpse of Bike Night at Orchid Lounge.




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