Formula D Irwindale 2011

So this was my 1st Formula D event that i had ever been to and it happened to be the Final Round of 2011 at Irwindale.  It was an amazing and crazy event with a full house for not only drifting but a show behind the stadium put on by Slammed Society.  I have followed drifting a little bit prior to the event however I do not follow it closely.  I did not apply for media this year as other shows due to the high requirements of posting and website hits.  Although I was not in the media pits in the center of the track along with the other photographers, I still had an amazing spot in the Scion VIP section in the front row thanks to my buddy from DaYUUM.  Very few vantage points to shoot from due to many constructs that are disruptive to shooting however I made it work even without a Telephoto Lens.  Still quite satisfied with a few of the shots.  This one in particular was one of the best shots I obtained with my limitations.  Ken Gushi in the Scion TC chasing after the Corolla.  It’s the clash of the generations but now if only it were a FT-86/FR-S that was in the ring instead.  That would be epic.


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