RAW and Post Processing

Although not shooting in RAW as I should have in the first place, the photo still was still acceptable.  Using only 2 (constant 600Watt) photo lights and the stock flash with pop up diffuser, the photos came out really good.  There is heavy Lightroom 3 usage on the background and the openings of the bike, it was about a 5 minute edit to do with easy feathering with specific brushes.  I believe there’s an easier alternative on CS5 but being familiar to Lightroom, I decided to stick with this program for the ease of the simple interface.  Doing this shoot taught me that you do not need a full studio to do small enclosed photos of smaller objects unlike a full car.  Motorcycles and models can clearly be shot in a mere garage setting and everything can be done in post production.  Also being advised that I shoot in full 18MP, I can frame everything and get as much as possible even extra dead space of background and crop the photo later.  The important aspect is the angle it is shot and the lighting used.  Illusions can also be made with various techniques but that’s a secret every photographer should keep to themselves.  =)


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