Back In the Studio

Had gone back into the studio last week for more promotional footage on our 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution in Wicked White.  We had thrown on some new VMR Wheels in Vader Black to contrast the color of the car.  White is a bit hard to shoot within the studio that is also white so much of the light will bounce all over the place.  Taking advice from a strobist, I learned to point the lights around the car in such a way that the light will wrap and bounce around the car rather than on the car itself.  Using a large soft box as the main light to spread onto the car, the other smaller lights would be used to light up the background and accent the bits of the car to add the much needed detail that is very rarely shown on photos.  Although editing is always required, using the light minimizes the need to edit in heavy amounts.  Why do more work when the original shot has all the necessary bits are already captured.  Although people always say buy the most expensive flash so you can get the best quality shots.  In my case of a studio, that is not always true.  I brought in a Canon Speedlite 580ex II and had used it in very little quantity of the shots where the slave units did not always fire on command with the flash on the hotshoe.  I had ended up throwing my flash back in the bag and used a Yongnuo transmitter to a receiver that controlled the main soft box where the other lights had triggered through any flash detected.  It is not quite the perfect set up due to the cycle time in the soft box light and the trigger not going on every time I had hit the shutter but in the end everything worked out.  I had always thought of the Yongnuo as a cheap knockoff flash that did the half-assed job that a Canon flash would do but they are not that bad in the end for some decent quality made in China flashes when you buy 3 for the price of 1 Canon flash unit.


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