Chemical Guys/Smart Wax X Gimmie Girls

So this is the video coverage from the Smart Wax event with the Gimmie Girls that I took.  Editing was quite easy but just time consuming.  Learning off hand the newest version of Final Cut Pro X, it was pretty easy to use.  It’s basically an advanced version of iMovie but without all the mishap during usage.  Although it doesn’t have a few things from Final Cut Pro 7, it is a much more user friendly experience that I really do enjoy.  Finally done away with rendering while background rendering now takes place of it.  I can view my video while I’m editing without the need of rendering to watch it and re-rendering if I altered any bits of it.

Although my Macbook Pro is a 2.26 model in the late 2009 quarter, it still handles the program well up to the point where it will process a bit slower than a quad-core computer which is a given.  I find it best that editing in “Red” mode works best while playback is in black and white for the smoothest playback to time transitions while normal is best for watching effects on the original footage.  I have also touched base on using compressor and figured that I can make my 5gb file size HD footage into a 200mb HD finished product and have it process in the background without taking much processor speed away.

All in all, I highly recommend Final Cut Pro X for the ease of use, time to edit and finish, and the quality not only in the finished product but the program itself as well.


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