Shooting With Flash

Today I decided to rent a flash to experiment with more lighting equipment again since I am in need for flash for some upcoming events.  I was recommended to go to a place in Irvine called Pro Photo Connection which deals with sales and rentals.  They offer extremely good service as well good equipment at a great price.  Moving on, I had taken a few shots throughout the day with the flash mostly indoors.  I had finally gotten home and decided to take photos of small objects at a portrait style instead of my normal landscape.  Since this time I was not using a Canon 270EX, I was on a 580 EX first generation not to be confused with the EX II.  The main difference with the I and II are the button layout and the plastic mount (I) vs. the metal mount (II).  This is an extreme valuable flash to add onto anyone’s setup due to the powerful output vs. the other lines of Speedlites.  The 580 line offeres wireless E-TTL (I) and E-TTL II (II) and also serves as a master for other flash units and slave for the camera itself.  This EX I has a built-in white card and diffuser for telephoto usage.  The flexibility of the head that can swivel a full 360 degrees is an extreme advantage for bouncing the light at any direction in the above hemispherical pathway the speedlite allows you to turn.  Without the Speedlite, the natural lighting does not fill in the correct amount of lighting to gain the best photo possible whereas the flash will provide optimal lighting as well as faster shutter speeds without loosing any detail in the end product.


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